Image Plane User Help

Save and Quit

Once you have finished making changes to all the image tabs in Image Plane you want, you must save the image changes before they will actually take effect. To save your changes go to the "File" pull down menu and select "Save Changes" to save the changes to the current image tab or select "Save All" to save the changes made to all image tabs.

When images are output from Image Plane, there are two modes it can work in. To select which mode you want to use open the "Settings" tab and click the check box labeled "Smooth Output" to turn it either on or off. Turning the "Smooth Output" option to on will put Image Plane's output mode to a higher quality setting, however saving images will take noticably longer to process. The difference in time depends mostly on the size of your output image. If the size is very large you will notice a significant increase in processing time when you turn on "Smooth Ouput" option. Nevertheless, this mode is recommended as you will see a large improvement in output image quality.

While one or more images are saving you will see a progress indicator showing how many images there are left to save and what the progress on the current image is. While the images are processing you should not try to interact with the Image Plane interface. Once the save is finished you may make further changes to any image tab and then save again to have the changes stored.

Once saving is complete you may exit by going to the "File" pull down menu and select "Quit", or click the "X" mark at the very top right area of the interface.

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