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Color controls for Image Plane are simple to use. The color tab is used to control the background color that is used behind the editing image in the case that the image scale is too small for the crop size. The color tab is located (by default) on the right side of the Image Plane interface. You will find the color tab in the same window as the Info tab. You can switch to the Color tab by clicking the word "Color" at the top of the window. Like any other tool in Image Plane, changing the background color only affects the current image editing tab.

Color Swatch

The color swatch is a small palette of common colors that you may pick from to specify a color for the background. To pick a color from the swatch simply click on the desired color. You will see the background behind the image change color to match your selection.

Color Picker

The color picker tool lets you pick any color in your current image to be your background color. At the top of the main image editing window you will see several tabs indicating the possible image type outputs for this instance of Image Plane. The color picker tool is a useful tool for matching colors. To active the color picker tool, click the color picker tool on the "Tools" menu or click the color picker tool on the top left of the color tab. When the color picker tool is active, your cursor will change to a eye dropper when you mouse over the image. After you activate the color picker tool you can click on any area of the image to change your background color to match the exact color your cursor is over in the image. Clicking on the image while the color picker tool is active will automatically deactive the color picker tool.

Hex Color Input

At the top of the color tab you will see 3 sliders labeled Red, Green, Blue. You may click and drag these sliders to position the amounts of these three components to achieve any possible 24 bit color you desire. Alternatively, the text box at the top right of the color tab labeled "hex" allows you to type in exact 6 digit hexidecimal color values. Type the desired value into the box and press enter to change the background color. If you are not famaliar with hexidecimal colors do not use this input field, simply use the color slider, color swatch or color pickers to select a color value.

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